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ALBEI is part of a growing global community.

Much work has already been started around the globe - in the USA by the organisation LGBTQ Directors Association and in Canada the LGBTQ Corporate Directors Canada, as well as others that are forming across other geographic jurisdictions.

The ALBEI team are sharing with and learning from these organisations, developing a truly global network of like-minded initiatives.

LGBTQ Directors USA


Formed in 2022 , the Association of LGBTQ+ Corporate Directors (USA) is the first and only organisation of its kind to provide services, support and networking on behalf of LGBTQ+ existing and aspiring board members.

The Association’s members include top-tier LGBTQ+ professionals with the skills and expertise to make a difference in the boardroom.

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LGBTQ Directors Canada


The Canadian Association was created in 2022 by a small group of out, LGBTQ+ individuals who realised that, while other minorities have organised themselves, LGBTQ+ directors did not have an organisation to provide them with visibility, advocate for them and represent their interest.


The Canadian Association is affiliated with the Association of LGBTQ+ Corporate Directors and other chapters  globally.

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