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We are seeking to expand our board

ALBEI started informally a couple of years ago with a group of us around a dining room table with a shared view that something needs to be done about the lack of diversity in all its forms on Australian boards.  We know there are extremely talented people in our community but we are being passed over due to a perceived lack of experience or simply that we are not part of the same networks. 

Board diversity is good business and with 92% of ASX300 Directors being anglo-celtic and from the same networks.  Boards run a significant risk of groupthink.  We have a focus on supporting the LGBTQ+ community in their endeavours to become leaders and board members with a focus on education, networing and advocacy.  We collaborate with other under-represented groups with the aim of making Australian boards truly diverse.


"You can't be what you can't see" and we believe that work is needed to change the systemic bias in board recruitment and we are calling for passionate hands-on volunteer directors.

Calling for expressions of interest to be a Director of ALBEI

Business Meeting
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